Mini Radiator To Heat Your Home

How a Mini Oil Filled Radiator Can Help Heat Your Delray Beach Home

Advancement in technology has led to the development of a new modern mini oil filled radiator. This new home heating equipment is small but still very efficient in delivering the expected results. It is assembled by experts in this field hence quality is assured.

How does a mini oil filled radiator heat up homes? Despite the fact that is radiator has to be filled with oil for it to function, it does not burn any oil since it is electrically heated. It comprises of a metal columns and a heating element that is usually located conveniently at the base of the heater. The oil flows in the column cavities via convection.

Delray Beach Mini Oil Filled Radiator

Delray Beach Mini Oil Filled Radiator

Delray Beach Air Conditioner Repair Can Help Set Up Your Mini Oil Radiator

The oils only act as heat reservoir since it has a specific heating capacity. Its high heating capacity enables it to store enough amount of heat despite the fact that only small amounts oil is required. It is also important to note that the oil’s high boiling point enables it to remain in liquid form at all times.

The main source of heat is the heating element. It heats up the oil keeping it warm for very long periods depending on the amount of power supplied to the appliance. The heat is later transferred to the metallic radiator walls via radiation and convection mechanisms.

Modern mini oil filled radiators columns are usually designed as thin fins. This in turn helps to increase the total surface area but relative to the total volume of oil in the heat reservoir. The high surface area ensures that hot air remains in constant contact with the heater at all times. This is turn helps to foster transfer of hot air from the heater to the targeted room. If you need a different solution, check out our heat pump Delray Beach services

This heating appliance is ideal for house or rooms with limited space. They are often used in bathrooms and other small enclosures instead of gas heaters since gas heaters deplete the total amount of oxygen available inside the room. In order to prevent overheating, it is fitted with a quality thermostat. On average, common oil radiators consume 300 to 2450 watts. The number of columns depends on the specific details used to design it.
They are safer than gas heaters because they have relatively low surface temperature and can still deliver the expected results in areas with low oxygen availability.
The oil mini radiator is definitely the best heating appliance that will keep you warm during the cold weather.